Omari's guide to a great summer.

So today, I am not going to write about fashion and style;  the reason being, I don't want to.  Instead,  I am going to do a classic "life post".  Let me just say, I am having the best summer filled with spontaneous outings, great times with family and friends, and mini vacations -- I truly can't complain.  It would be rude to be having this great time, and not share the wealth so you can do it too... so here it is, my steps to a great summer.

1. First and freakin' foremost, be flexible. The worst is when you're out for the night, and the people you're with are constantly complaining about how the time you're having doesn't meet their expectations. Here's the thing, there are times that you go out, and it just sucks -- I get it.  But, if every outing has to meet your high (slightly unrealistic) expectations or you're over it, you can quickly become that Bitter Betty that no one wants to hang out with, and you don't want that.

2. Try new things!  My motto for this summer has been "why not?"  Every experience doesn't need to have a long series of reason why you should do it.  Go somewhere new, meet some new people, try some new things.

3. Take ME time. With all the spontaneous fun you're having, you have to take time to re-charge and chill-out by yourself.  I have binge watched so many shows and taken so many naps -- it's been perfect.  

And there they are.  Don't worry, a fashion post will be up later this week, but thank you for letting me talk about my summer and post pictures of myself.

Until next time,