is it just me? matching sets

Every now and then, I think a person's wardrobe needs a hint of nostalgia. Those things that you buy for a theme party, but you wear them all the time at home because you actually love them, and they remind you of your childhood; think overalls or superhero underwear -- and please don't pretend you don't have a pair.  

Ok now that you understand the perspective that I'm coming from, let me try to rationalize my recent affinity towards matching sets.  Now this trend has blown up in women's clothing, but I think they might make the crossover to us guys.  The basic premise is a top and bottom combo, usually patterned, that is consistently the same throughout.  I am personally only a fan of the short sleeve shirt and shorts pairing, because usually the patterns are a lot on their own. In my opinion, too much can be headache-inducing.

 1. Stylish gentleman in Milan  2. & 3.  Anthony Urbano of

1. Stylish gentleman in Milan

2. & 3.  Anthony Urbano of

Though I am a fan of this look,  I am not sure if it's one that I will be participating in or just a fan of.  Everything isn't for everyone, so I'm still trying to clarify if this is one of the instances.   I think it's great but is it just me?

Let me know how you feel!