my back to school picks

 Backpack - ASOS       Phone Case - REVOLT Clothing      Shoes - Converse      Laptop Sleeve- ( similar )   Hat, Shorts, Ring - 21MEN     Watch - Michael Kors      Sunglasses - Ray-Ban

Backpack - ASOS      Phone Case - REVOLT Clothing      Shoes - Converse    Laptop Sleeve- (similar)

Hat, Shorts, Ring - 21MEN     Watch - Michael Kors      Sunglasses - Ray-Ban

For many, summer is unfortunately over.  It's only right that I compiled a list of my Back-to-School 2014 picks -- so here they are, with highlights of some of my choices. 

Backpack - Naturally, you're in school. You need a backpack.  Not much to it.

Phone Case - Sometimes you just need to let everyone, including yourself, that you are in fact "not basic".  If you know it, the world will know it.

Converse - Classic staple for everyone. Everyone should own a few pairs.

Laptop Sleeve - Laptop sleeves, especially leather ones, are classy and say "hey, I'm employable and I care for my things".  It probably doesn't say that, but I think they make you look put-together.

Shorts - Let's be real, sweat shorts are a must for every situation, but especially when you're tired and over it.  Everyone should have at least 3 pairs.

Thanks for reading, and have a great school year!