from summer to fall : one last hoorah!


I feel like I say this at the end of every summer, but this summer went by so fast.  For many it's back to school and work commitments.  So before we all say goodbye to summer, I think one last trip is necessary -- I'm feeling like it's Vegas for me :).  I think it's unrealistic for anyone to replace all of their clothes for every season (but if you got it like that, have at it), so I wanted to share some ideas of how to transition some of your summer staples to the fall.

For me, plaid, leather, and a lot of black are my fall go-tos.  Luckily, all of those elements can be easily infused into your young, wild, and free summer wardrobe.  The hats that worked great for summer, can be paired with a plaid shirt and dark jeans for a whole new look.

 Living in Southern California has made transitioning from season to season much easier because we don't really have seasonal weather changes, so I apologize if your early Fall weather isn't feeling like boardshorts and sandals.   Hopefully you won't have to push so much of your summer favorites to the back of your closet.

And with that,