what I would've worn : golden globes 2015

My "what I would've worn..." posts are back and I am ready to hypothetically kill it at these award shows.  Since I've seemed to misplace this year's invitation, I'll have to let the world know what I would've worn, so they know what direction I might go in for next year.   As you may or may not know, I have always had a bone to pick with men's fashion choices at fancy award shows (check out the post), and I just want to continue showing people that dressing up doesn't have to mean uniformity.

 Suit-  River Island    Shoes- ALDO

Suit-River Island

Shoes- ALDO

So I know dark teal seems a little extra for some, but my thought is this.  Whenever men want to steer away from a simple black and white combination, they usually opt for dark blue or grey.  There's a world of color out there folks, so to be confined to black, white, blue, and grey just feels a little too restrictive for me -- hence the teal suit.  

Let me know what you think, and be on the look out for some more "what I would've worn" posts, all award season.

Until next time,