style essential : camel coat

So I am back with a new favorite style item that I think works for everyone.  A good camel coat is refined and polished, but can also be trendy and cool.    So here's how I'd style it.

 Outfit #1 - Shirt-      River Island  Jeans & Boots-  21Men     Outfit #2 - Shirt, Pants, Accessories -     Shoes-        River Island      Coat -   Topman

Outfit #1 - Shirt-  River Island Jeans & Boots- 21Men

Outfit #2 - Shirt, Pants, Accessories -   Shoes-  River Island

Coat - Topman

It's bomb, and there's really nothing more to say about it.  A definite fashion staple.  Get one, and you won't be sorry.  Any other trends you want me to write or talk about on my YouTube Channel? Leave your suggestions in the comments or message me your ideas.

Until next time,