November Favorites.

Birthday month aka November is officially over.  So that means it’s time for some favorites.  I didn’t get too many new things this month, but I am excited to share a few of my recent favorites with you.

  1. Black Timberland Boots-  I've never been a huge fan of Timberlands until recently.  I was browsing Tumblr, saw some pictures, and I have been a fan ever since.  Seeing them styled with sleek and sophisticated pieces made them a lot more appealing for me. 
  2. Grey Heathered Sweatshirt (similar) - I have worn this sweatshirt OUT!  To me, the color, heather grey says “loungewear”.  And on top of that, this sweatshirt is so comfortable, making it perfect for everyday wear, or those netflix and chill nights.
  3. Adidas Superstars - I have already mentioned how happy i was when these shoes came back in trend.  So it was only right for me to get the all white shoes as well. Welcome to the family.
  4. HBO’s The Jinx -  If you’re into suspenseful, scary, and stress inducing television, this docu-series is for you.  Normally, these aren’t the three feelings I look to have when watching a show but this show is worth the anxiety.  This show follows a murder mystery and the plot is anything but predictable.  And since there’s only 6 episodes, it is easy to binge watch.

Do you have any suggestions of products to try out? Music I should listen to?  Clothes to buy? Send me your suggestions via my contact page or comment below.

Until next time,