SPRING CLEANING - How To Update Your Closet


A part of building your wardrobe is knowing when to get rid of clothes that are just taking space.  I know that it can be difficult, especially after you grow attached to certain things, but do me a favor.  Take a look in your closet.  Are there things in there that are the literal worst, but you still have it "just because"?  It's time to cut the cord, and don't worry, I'll help you do it.  Here are my rules on how to let go of your wardrobe roadblocks to make room for an upgraded, more stylish closet.

1.  If it no longer fits, let it go -- I am not a huge advocate for the idea of trying to work to get back into clothes that you used to be able to wear.  Maybe I can let a few items slide, but if your whole closet is "goal clothes" or things that used to work well for you, I think you need to give it away.

2. Limit your number of "novelty" items -- When I say "novelty" items, I mean you don't need 5 ugly Christmas sweaters.  I just will never see the practicality of the multiple "kittens in space" sweatshirts or "witty" graphic tees.  So I would say one-to-none is enough.

3.  If it's been years since you've worn it, let someone else enjoy it --  Sometimes clothing items are great, but just not for your closet.  I understand that somethings just get forgotten, but don't hold on to lost items just because you liked them at one time.  No need to hoard all your good things, share the wealth.

There you have it, my 3 simple rules on updating your closet.  Let me know how these strategies worked for you, or if you have another way of updating your closet.

And with that,