Music Festival Style

 All items from  River Island

All items from River Island

Music festival season is back!  It literally seems like I was just talking about festival fashion not too long ago.  Anyways,  it is time for your inner hippy to run free.  This year, I am starting with the same inspiration as I have previously ( see last years post), carefree fashion.  It's going to be hot and you'll be sweaty, so the last thing you want to worry about it is how your clothes are looking.  

My fashion picks provide effortless style, while also showing that you don't take fashion too seriously.  I think by pairing typical "festival fashion pieces" like cut-off denim shorts, with less expected pieces (woven loafers), it sets you apart, but still makes sense.  And as I said before, and I'll say it again -- there are few opportunities where someone can be provided an opportunity  to NOT dress according to guidelines.  So if your goal is to wear things that don't make sense but you love it, go for it! Fashion is supposed to be fun, so feel free to have fun with it.

Peace and love festival-goers,