is it just me? sandals

So sandals, or mandals as I sometimes refer to them, are a thing. I actually used to hate them, because everyone who was alert in the early 2000s remembers those weird velcro and brown leather sandals with the little slit cut-outs and the platform sole.  The worst.  But let me tell you, these mandals of today are unapologetically bold and fashion forward.

 1. Rapper, Tinie Tempah  2. Model for Dead Studios  3. Stylish man, who's name I do not know.

1. Rapper, Tinie Tempah

2. Model for Dead Studios

3. Stylish man, who's name I do not know.

So here's my thought.  I have Birkenstocks that I wear to get gas or when I'm at the beach -- so that style trend isn't really a hurdle for me.  Where my problem lies with mandals is the feet occupying the shoe.  I have a problem with the notion that you can neglect to manage, maintain, and contain your feet all year, and then summer comes along and you're pulling out your slides and going out the door.  Men's sandals, in my opinion, are terrible because after the leather straps and metal fasteners, there are your hammer toes. 

 I also think the notion of them being a "girl thing" is really what leaves men against the trend.  Well let me get on my social justice box and say this.  This notion of telling people what they can and can not wear because it's not a "man's thing" or a "woman's thing" is pretty old.  If you watch the progression of fashion, you will see that men's and women's fashion mimic each other all the time.  Go to the mall and look at a trend that's popular for women.  Wait about a year, and watch how some of those same exact trends end up in men's fashion as well.  So I will not tell you how to think or what to say, but I will stand firm in saying the marketplace has shown that this argument is outdated.

*steps off box*

All in all, I don't know if I'll be a full participant of the trend, but I won't ever be in a position to tell people what to try - and let me clarify, it's not because my feet are ugly.  I just think sandals, especially bold styles need to be impeccably styled and well thought out. So who knows.  But I will say, I have seen them worn well, and I thought they were cool.  

But, what do you think.  Do you think this trend is here to stay, or is it just me?