Tips For Building A Successful Blog.

Today, I thought I would change it up a bit, and post about something that could help anyone starting a blog or website.  In my almost 2 years of blogging, I've learned a lot about what it takes to create and sustain a blog, so today I wanted to pass on my tidbits of information to anyone who's wanting some help.

1. Focus Your Direction - From my experience, it is hard to follow a blog that feels all over the place.  I completely understand that everyone is dynamic and complex, so it can be hard to narrow down on a few interests rather than all of your interests.  But, I would argue that people follow specific blogs for specific reasons.  So they might follow you for fashion, and someone else for health/wellness and that's ok.  I definitely think that your focus can expand, but I would suggest becoming great at one thing and then expanding, rather than being just ok at a lot of things.

2. Be Consistent -  I can not follow a blog that updates once every 6 months.  I totally treat this blog as another job.  So since I've started, there's been a post every Monday and Thursday.  To me, not posting would feel like a no call, no show at work.  Yes, that may be extreme, but your blog is a form of personal branding, so it is important that you treat it as if it is a reflection of you - because it is.

3. Be Authentic -  As you gain momentum, it can become so easy to start tailoring your message to the audience you have or are trying to attract.  I am not saying you should disregard suggestions and advice, but I am saying that this is your blog.  So if someone has a strong feeling regarding how they think you should run your blog, maybe refer them to start their own because they are clearly searching for a personal outlet.  At the end of the day,  I want to be valued and respected based off of my expression of self; not the hybrid version of me that seeks to accommodate everyone who isn't 100% satisfied with what I do.  

4. Have Fun -  As your blog grows, collaborations or sponsorship can come, but I would caution anyone who starts a blog only to see what they can get out of it.  I think that will quickly get old.  Find something that you would consistently enjoy talking about, even if only two people read it.  This is your outlet, and I don't see the benefit in having a creative outlet that is consistently stressful and draining.  I would suggest focusing on content that makes you excited to post, and not just what you think will get you the most clicks.

5. Tweak if Necessary -  Look, you can spend months trying to plan out how to have the perfect blog or website, but it is almost inevitable that you will want to make some adjustments down the line.  Maybe you loved talking about your culinary delights and interior design, but now you're over trying to explain how to reupholster chairs, it's ok to change some things.  I would suggest just making some sort of announcement so your readers can either adjust with you, or find an interior design blog that really works for them.  And ultimately, you'll be happier not feeling forced to write about things you don't care about.

So these are some of my tips, and I hope they help inform and inspire some up-and-coming bloggers.  At the end of the day, make sure whatever creative venture you pursuit is fun and exciting.  Who want to add more stress to their day?  Ain't nobody got time for that.

Until next time,