August Favorites.

1. Reflective Sunglasses - Almost every look that I've shot for the blog has consisted of reflective sunglasses, and my obsession is still going strong.  I think they're bold and fashion-forward, but also playful and carefree.  I really like fashion items that remind me that styling and personal expression are supposed to be fun.

2.  Adidas Superstars - Now, I had like 4 pairs of these when I was in high school.  Now they're big again, and I was far too anxious to not jump on the bandwagon.  So I have my Superstars again, and I'm feeling great about it.  These are great shoes and I am glad to welcome them back to the wardrobe.

3. Nike Benassi Slides -  Another very trendy athletic-esque shoe.  But out of all the slides I have, these are my favorite because they're so comfortable.   I saw all these pictures on Tumblr with the cool, edgy models wearing these, and I thought, "I want to be cool and edgy".  Usually succumbing to peer pressure is not my thing, but in this case I'm glad I did.

4.  Grey Roll Up Tees - I think grey t-shirts are even more practical than white tees.  A grey t-shirt, jeans and distressed chelsea boots is my "carefree and killin' it" go-to outfit.  I would say stock up, and you don't have to worry about  as many stains as you do with white! Wins all around.

And that concludes my August favorites! Do you have any suggestions of products to try out? Music I should listen to?  Clothes to buy? Send me your suggestions via my contact page or comment below.

Until next time,