White After Labor Day

"No White After Labor Day" -- An age old fashion tradition that many people often follow despite the fact that they don't really like the restriction.  Well now, neutral outfits are all the rage, and white is a year long staple.  As I've stated before, majority white outfits are often a style hesitation for many, but today I'm going to help you get over that hump.  I slightly fear all white, because I'm extremely accident prone, but my closet is gradually being taken over by white button ups and jeans.  So here we go!

As you can see, white can go from sophisticated to chill while remaining extremely stylish.    I think I will keep hammering down this point until everyone gets it.  White DOES NOT have to be intimidating, or too much, or too bold.  If the idea of all white seems overwhelming, tone it down with a neutral jacket or sweater.  Thankfully, it's a trend that seems to be pushing through from season-to-season with no sign of slowing down, so I say go for it.

And with that my friends,