US Presidential Election 2016


Hello friends.

After the results of the US Presidential Election this week, I've had a hard time focusing on anything but the results and my subsequent feelings.  Without going into long drawn out detail, I am upset.  Not simply because my choice for President didn't win this time around, but because for the first time, I truly feel fearful for the future.  As a person who belongs to so many "othered" categories, it worries me that someone can say things that disrespect, dehumanize, and devalue fundamental aspects of my identity and not be checked for that.  I am scared because there are people who'd jump at the opportunity to explain to me why my aforementioned feelings are wrong, calling them misplaced or alluding that somehow I must have an inability to comprehend what I've heard since last July.  And I'm also scared because even if the President-Elect softens his tone and "clarifies" his intended meanings behind his offensive statements, I have seen enough people support and push for more of what I consider hate speech and discrimination.  To put it bluntly, the "others", the "outliers", the "foreigners" etc. have felt invalidated and underrepresented since the conception of United States, and what keeps so much of us going is the glimmer of hope that it might be rough now, but it will get better.  For so many, the election results dimmed that light. 

So I will just say that this is a strange time for everyone, and I know the future will be interesting, to say the least.  But I, Omari McNeil, will always choose to love relentlessly, hope even when there seems to be little reason to, advocate for people who are made to feel less than, and push forward towards a better world for everyone.

Love & Light,