November Favorites

So just like that, the year is almost over and I have a new batch of favorites! 

1. Quincy Suedette Bomber Jacket - California winter's are a weird season to prepare for.  It's never unreasonably cold, but a stylish but warm jacket is so necessary.  So when I saw this jacket, I knew it had to join the collection.  I love the color and the fact that it is paired with the suedette material. also has GREAT prices, so this jacket is a definite recommend.

2. Suede Caps - As I've mentioned a few times, I am all in on the suede trend.  So when I found these hats on Ebay, I couldn't resist. Perfect for elevating a casual look.  I just searched suede caps.

3. Faith Satin Contrast Piping Night Shirt - In my quest to style more difficult outfits, I decided to try out this women's pajama shirt.  I've seen the piped pajama style shirt styled really cool, but primarily on women, and I'm up to the challenge of making it cool and not too Hugh Hefner.  Stay tuned :)

4. Stranger Things on Netflix - I tried to avoid this show when it was everyone favorite binge-worthy show, but I have watched the whole season and fully understand the hype.  I don't want to give anything away, so just get to watchin'!

Well those are my favorites for November.  Let me know if you have any new things you'd like me to try out, and it could end up in next month's post.

Thanks for reading!