January Favorites

January is over and my favorites are here.  The theme of this grouping is hardcore chilling.  I've loved just being comfortable and lazy, so here are some of my favorite things.

Parks and Recreation - I am at the end of season 2 and I am mad that I'm just realizing how funny this show is.  If you ever just need a good, easy binge worthy show, this is a great one.

Jersey Shorts - I needed to give my sweatpants a rest, so what better alternative than sweat shorts.  I have bought so many of these shorts that it's only right that I share the good news.

Light Pink and Baby Blue EVERYTHING-  If you've read my "PASTELS" post you should already know that these colors are working for me. 

Crew Socks -  Few things feel better than warm, fuzzy socks.  Well I'm sure a lot of things feel better, but for the sake of congruency, we'll say these are the best.  I love them so much I've dedicated a whole drawer to them.

That's it for this month's favorites!  Let me know if you have any new things you'd like me to try out, and it could end up in next month's post.

Until next time,