February Favorites

So February is over and I have a new batch of favorite items that have made this month that much more enjoyable so enjoy!

1.  Blue Planet Bamboo Sunglasses - I really have enjoyed the pair that I was gifted.  They're well crafted, stylish and help a good cause  -- the give eyewear to someone in need for every pair sold. Win, win!

2. Blue Suede Boots (similar) - Most people would not consider Blue Suede Chelsea boots a practical purchase, but trust me, they are.  The navy adds a cool punch without doing too much.  Definitely a current fashion go-to.

3. Adult Coloring Books (here's the one I purchased) - So I listened to the Friend Zone podcast (check it out), and they were discussing the stress management benefits of coloring.  So I quickly bought my 152 pack of crayons and some coloring books, and I've been zen ever since.

4. Beyonce's Formation -  Yes, Beyonce is phenomenal.  Yes, I love the song, video and the message. Yes, I love my baby hair with baby hair and afros.  And yes I have my tickets for the tour, and I'm excited about it.

Well those are my favorites for February.  Let me know if you have any new things you'd like me to try out, and it could end up in next month's post.

Thanks for reading!