March Favorites

1. Urge Footwear Mykonos Sandals - I saw these shoes on a few Australian style bloggers, and I just felt like I needed to have them. I decided that I wanted them bad enough to pay the crazy shipping costs from Australia to the US.  Now they are mine, and I love them.

2. Stevie Wonder's Hotter Than July - This album is literally hotter than July.  I forgot how epic this album is.  Definitely a "no-skip" album.

3.  Adidas Fair Play - This is one of my go-to everyday scents.  It's noticeable and smells great, without being too overpowering.  And the best part is you can get it for less than $15.00!

4. Rain, Rain App - Lately friends, I have been working hard and I am TIRED! This app has helped me knock out quickly. It has the most soothing nature sounds that can suit most audible preferences.  I probably wouldn't have made it through March without the help of this app.

And that my friends, is my March favorites.

Let me know if you have any new things you'd like me to try out, and it could end up in next month's post.

Talk to you soon!