is it just me? dad hats

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All images found on Tumblr

Let me start by saying this, there are very few instances where I want the word "dad" associated with me or my style (I'm avoiding the "dad-bod" like the plague).  So when people started talking about "dad hats", I was instantly turned off, and let me also clarify that I love my dad -- so this isn't a weird trigger.

Anyways, I wanted to dislike these hats, but at Beyonce's Formation Tour concert, they were selling dad hats as merch and I started to feel a little bit differently.  Since they aren't super structured, they fit everyone's head pretty well, and they give off 90's grunge vibes so they come off cool without trying.  Now maybe this is just another instance of Beyonce changing my perspective because she's Beyonce and she has that power over me, but I think I actually am starting to like them.

Help me out friends, do you think the dad hat resurgence is a good thing, or is it just me?