Happy 3rd Blogiversary To ME :)


 As of today, OmariMcNeil.com has been up and running for 3 YEARS! I want to first say thank you to everyone who reads the posts, enjoys the pictures, comments and interacts with me every week.  Thank you to all of the photographers who've let me express my spontaneous, creative ideas in pictures.  Thank you to my family and friends who approve the outfits I come up with.  I am telling you, blogging has helped me lay preliminary foundations for my personal media platform, so thank you to everyone who has helped that process.

I also just want to give myself a pat on the back for never missing a post since the inception of the blog.  I really am pleasantly surprised about my level of dedication this website, and I really hope that my commitment to quality and excellence shows.

Moving forward, I think it is now time to expand my personal brand to more than just fashion.  I have so many exciting, multi-media projects being dreamed up that don't just have to do with styling and menswear, so be on the lookout for those.  This website will still consist of my style perspective, photo spreads, etc., but it is important to me that as my interests evolve, this site evolves with them.  So I hope you enjoy the ride along with me --- I can assure you it will be nothing short of exciting.

Onward and upward :)