New Website, Better Me

 Photo by   C    ody Burdette

Photo by Cody Burdette

If you haven't noticed already, got a new look, complete with new features and an overall new vibe.  Why this website is named and not something catchy pertaining to fashion or living a cool life is because I knew I wanted a space where my website could diversify as my passions do.  I have so many interests that I want to explore, and I am excited to free myself from focusing specifically on being in theme than being authentic to myself. 

So moving forward, I want to give my readers to get an opportunity to know me better.  I will 100% continue sharing my insights on fashion and current style trends, but you can also get to know more about what gets me excited, my traveling experiences, my musical tastes -- my real life.  Even as I write this, I am in sweats not caring about my appearance AT ALL, and I am excited to present myself as a multi-dimensional person.  

I am excited to be more complex, funnier, more insightful, more crass because all of that is me. I hope you'll join me for the ride :)