Brunch On A Thursday -- Self Care

 Photo taken at this needed brunch by   Sean Rollolazo

Photo taken at this needed brunch by Sean Rollolazo

Hello friends,

Today is Thursday. I woke up late, did some work, got dressed, and went to brunch (followed by an epic nap) -- and let me tell you, it was all perfect.  The mimosas were good.  My food was good.  The vibe was right.  All-in-all,  I truly enjoyed myself.  But then my mind started asking, "Why would you go to brunch? You know you have work to do, and money is tight, and it's Thursday, and blah blah blah."

I needed to have a good conversation with myself.  Sometimes we act too damn grown and need to give ourselves permission to just live a little.  Without going in to detail, over the last few months I've been out of a job, frantically looking for a job and recently in a new position -- and all of that has been incredibly stressful. So for today, I gave myself permission to take a break to have fun and unwind.  And as we all can see, life continued.  I still got my work done, the world didn't explode, and I am still ok.   So friends, it is important to be responsible, work hard, and grind till you own it ( 👋🏾  hey Bey). But sometimes it is also important to get together with your friends, laugh about life and drink before noon.

In all of your hustle, don't forget to give yourself a break (& how good does that picture look?!).