Countdown to Coachella

So it's finally happening.  My aspirational hippie spirit is finally going to the commercial, free-spirit event of the year, Coachella.  Now my strong draw was Beyonce because it's Beyonce, and Beyonce is queen of most people's worlds -- me included.   BUT she will busy birthing my godchildren, so I will be dancing haphazardly to Lady Gaga.  Since I'm a fashion blogger, I am just as excited to wear the craziest things as I am to listen to all of the artists.  So it's time to start planning.

I'm thinking of something that is similar to these vibes, adding a touch of Afro-centric, with a hint a lot of patterns because that just feels Palms Springs-esque -- for example...  

 1 & 3 - Style stars I don't know  2. Adam Gallagher of

1 & 3 - Style stars I don't know

2. Adam Gallagher of

It's a lot when you describe it, but I think it'll come together.  So get ready for some CRAZY fashions and fun festival themed posts in the next few weeks.  And check out some of my past posts all about Festival inspired fashion (festival fashion, 2016 festival fashion, music festival style).