My Current Favorite Podcasts

I have been on a PODCAST KICK lately.  Like I have an insatiable need for people with calming voices to speak to me.  So today’s post will be all about my favorite podcasts and why I think you should listen to them!

S-Town - I binged listened (is that a thing?) this whole podcast season in 2 days and, what in the actual F?! It’s crazy. I’m still not exactly sure what I listened to, but I was captivated the whole time

The Read - This a staple if you aspire to be young, gifted, and black.  Kid Fury and Crissles are nothing short of amazing and I’m always excited to hear their take on current events, social issues, and general celebrity bullshit.

This American Life -  If you listen to podcasts, then you know that This American Life is like a staple.  Great storytelling. Ira Glass' voice is perfect to nap to.  

Missing Richard Simmons - I'm new to this one and HOOKED. Richard Simmons is crazy fascinating, so this story of a man's search to find him is so captivating.

Making Oprah - Who doesn't love Auntie Oprah?  And this profile on how she became the Queen of Daytime is super interesting and inspiring.

2 Dope Queens - Need a good a laugh and some social commentary, mixed with perfect life one liners that have you laughing hard in your car? Look no further

Mmhmm Girl - This podcast has me laughing because it just a chill evening with friends, talkin' shit and laughing.  

The Love Bomb -  Now this podcast makes me feel so uncomfortable in the best way.  Every week the host, Nico, talks with someone he loves or once loved. So imagine listening in on a convo with someone and their ex.  Yea it goes there.

The Friend Zone -  This podcast gives me life advice, wellness tips, deep insights and great music recommendations.  Such a great grouping of hosts.

PLEASE send me recommendations for any podcasts that you think I’d like.  So many of my favorite shows are not on TV and these podcasts are getting me through my TV drought.

Thanks friends,